Food tip: plan and prep your post run meal before you run

Most people are squeezing in runs when they can in their busy lives. Many people finish a run and then rush off to do something else.

Club run
Club run

Studies have shown that eating quality food within 30 minutes of finishing a run helps you recover better and faster from that run.

A tip is to prepare a meal or healthy snack before you run, so that it is readily available for you to eat when you finish. This will help you get the nutrition you need and also may help you avoid choosing less healthy snack or fast foods right after you run.

So, before you head out the door, plan ahead and fix a healthy sandwich, put leftovers from a meal on a plate, or get all the ingredients assembled and prepared in advance. That way way you finish running, you will have that food ready and waiting to either eat or quickly prepare and eat.

You can also tailor the amount of food to suit your planned workout. Plan on preparing less food and calories to eat after shorter runs, and more for after longer runs.