Boss Lake Loop

We call this the Boss Lake Loop but rather it’s a point to point run and requires two cars or one car with a shuttle person. Drive to Monarch Pass, dropping one car at the wide spot parking area across from the Monarch Lodge. Park the other car(s) at the Monarch Pass Parking Lot.

Across the road and on the west side of Monarch Pass is the Continental Divide Trailhead. Go north on the Continental Divide Trail. It winds around through the Monarch Mountain Ski area and follows roads through it. Along the Continental Divide north of the Ski area you will come to some interesting looking man made dry stack walls. These were actually constructed by the Ute Indians long before Europeans entered the scene. These walls were made to funnel elk to a point from either side of the pass. Tribesmen and women would use elk skins to heard the elk up to the divide. Tall Cairns were build on the walls to condition the elk, the final Cairns at the top of the pass were actually hunters sitting on the walls in wait for the elk to cross.

The trail continues north then drops into Hunts Lake then Boss Lake. It crosses a creek below the Boss Lake Dam before dropping down onto the Middle Fork of the South Arkansas River Road. At this point you go right (Continental Divide Trail goes north). Take the road down to Hwy 50 and back to you shuttle car.

The entire run is about 12 miles long.