Two Turkey Relay

The Two Turkey Relay is coming up next month!  This will be the 17th year of this event, which was originated by the late Don Breece, a former, active member of the CCRC. The Two Turkey Relay is a mostly for fun, two person relay. Teams will be chosen by random drawing right before the race. The first team member runs a two mile road loop, then tags their partner, who will run the same loop. All runners who are capable of running continuously for two miles are encouraged to enter. Two minute handicaps are given to all females, anyone 13 or younger, or 60 or older. Cost is $3 for CCRC members, $5 for non members, and in honor of Veterans Day, free for any US Military veterans or current service personnel.  Registration will take place beginning at 9am at Riverside Park, with teams being picked at 9:30am.  We are also looking for volunteers to bake pies or other baked goods as prizes for this fun event!  Please email if you are willing to bake something for a prize.