2010 – Two Turkey Relay Results

Thanks for you interest in and coming out for the Two Turkey Relay

The Chaffee County Running Club held the 10th annual Two Turkey Relay Saturday November 13 near Salida.

Forty six runners participated in the unique race, which rewards younger, older and female runners with time bonuses and where team members are randomly drawn. Each runner in the two person team ran a hilly two mile loop,

Efforts were made this year to modify the handicap format by rewarding runners 60 years old and older, 13 years old and younger, and females with a 2 minute time bonus instead of the traditional 2 minutes 30 second time bonus. Runners were also asked to estimate their finishing time by selecting one of five possible finishing time categories (the first was a finishing time 13 minutes and under and the fifth was a finishing time of 22 minutes and over). Teams were then selected by randomly matching faster runners with team members that were in relatively slower finishing time categories.

All of this manipulation was designed as a method of making the race more competitive by giving every team a better chance of doing well. Results showed that this was somewhat successful, as all teams finished within about 8:30 of each other.

Fast young girls and females, however, dominated the race, as they have done so before. The top 3 teams all had girls on them 13 years old or younger, and all of their team members were female. The luck of the draw gave each of the top 3 teams a 6 minute head start and their team members were fast enough to maintain that lead over the rest of the field.

Prizes for this year’s relay were very unique, in keeping with the race theme. Aside from the usual turkeys, home made pies, cakes, and fruit baskets, other prizes included cash, cheap cheese, honey and a rare Egyptian pipe.

Place Team Member 1 Age Team Member 2 Age Time Handicap
1 Jeanie Hensley 26F Kaitlyn Moltz 12F 26:51 6
2 Sydney Fesenmeyer 12F Brooke Johnson 28F 27:17 6
3 Brooke Love 15F Kelsay Lundberg 13F 27:26 6
4 Doring Lloyd 48F Chuck Smead 59 27:27 2
5 Bethany Higgins 16F Brad Price 46 28:05 2
6 Dominica Alloy 17F Don Reimer 38 28:21 2
7 Anna Schehrer 12F Tom Sobal 53 29:56 4
8 Garret Lundberg 16 Reilly Stack 8 30:08 2
9 David Remington 24 Wendy Rombold 45F 30:11 2
10 Ripley Judd 6 Kenny Wilcox 32 30:19 4
11 Russel Orris 13 Vicki Schehrer 43F 30:27 4
12 Mike Schoudel 42 Eljiah Wilcox 6 30:32 2
13 Phil Gamache 32 Sarah Hudleson 41F 30:45 2
14 Kristy Falcon 32F Alexandra Hughes 12F 30:49 6
15 Bryan Joslin 35 Matthew Miller 35 30:51
16 Victor Selenow 59 Brenda Wiard 49F 31:10 2
17 Jerry Fesenmeyer 46 Joe Judd 47 31:22
18 Christi Delaney 38F Bryan Johnson 31 31:31 2
19 Audrey Gilpin 27F Taylor Stack 12 31:37 4
20 Jacob Adamson 16 Jan Schmidt 44F 32:01 2
21 David LaRochelle 49 Susan Selenow 59F 32:04 2
22 Adrian Reyes 18 Melissa Lee-Sobal 54F 33:14 2
23 Jon MacManus 59 Tom McCollum 31 35:28