2008 – Two Turkey Relay Results


1st Brooke Love Stacy Lowe 34:01
2nd Victor Selenow Anna Schehrer 34:19
3rd Sydney Fesenmeyer Taylor Stack 34:22
4th Gary McCarrell Kenny Wilcox 34:30
5th Megan Stelljes Tom Sobal 34:52
6th Drew Johnson Savanah Sobal 35:01
7th Eddie Dowd Harold Kasper 36:13
8th Brad Love Dan Schmidt 36:30
9th Shay Tande Jane Provorse 36:48
10th Susan Selenow Mark Walters 37:28
11th Jacob Adamson Norm Wagner 37:40
12th Evan Schehrer Matt Schehrer 38:02
13th Melissa Yaich Vicki Schehrer 38:20
14th Kaitlyn Moltz Caleb Johnson 38:38
15th Morgan Love Jim Williams 39:30
16th Jerry Fesenmeyer Eric Powell 39:40
17th Melissa Lee-Sobal Mike Schoedel 39:52
18th Russell Orris Rickie Redland 39:53
19th Trevor Love Bob Provorse 41:40
20th John MacManus Carl Koecher 43:20
21st Olivia Lowe Karen Karnuta 44:30
22nd Deb Wagner John Sturtevant 47:30

Eight annual, started by Don Breece in 2001.
15 kids participated who were between ages 9 – 16.
The youngest participant was Trevor Love at 9.
The oldest participant was John Sturtevant at 74.

First place and 22nd place received turkeys donated by Safeway and Walmart.
Second place received gift certificates from the Golden Egg.
Third and fourth places received pies homemade by the Sobals.

11th place, “the mean team” received homemade mini pies.

All the kids received either a hot chocolate gift certificate from Bongo Billy’s or an ice cream cone from Sonic.